IIN celebrated “Americas Children and Youth Day” with the exhibition «An Album of Rights»    

IIN celebrated “Americas Children and Youth Day” with the exhibition «An Album of Rights»  


On the occasion of the commemoration of “Americas Children and Youth Day”, the IIN, in collaboration with the Museum of Pre-Columbian and Indigenous Art of Uruguay, presented the exhibition «An Album of Rights».


This exhibition, inspired by the photographic project of the same name published by the IIN in 2016, was produced and curated by the MAPI Children’s Council, has an interactive device installed by «Plan Ceibal» and the intervention of 27 Uruguayan schools based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which they called «The Mural of Rights.


The celebration was attended by girls, boys, adolescents, teachers, families, as well as government authorities, and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Uruguay.


The speech of welcome was in charge of the Director of MAPI, Facundo de Almeida, who expressed «this exhibition that calls for reflection on the rights of children, was in itself an exercise of rights: to participation, to freedom of expression and to be protagonists of his speeches «.


For its part, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Daniela Pi, said that «the promotion and protection of children’s rights constitutes a pillar of Uruguay’s foreign policy» and reaffirmed the commitment of the Uruguayan government to the Institute.


The Director of the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay-INAU, Maritza Lidner, celebrated the participation and representation of girls and boys in art, in culture, in the exercise of their rights. «Adults must guarantee these rights,» he said.


On behalf of the MAPI Children Council, Gabriel and Bruno, they told how the production process and the curatorship of «The Rights Album», on behalf of their peers expressed «we are glad that other children have participated, we have enjoyed experience and we hope that visitors also enjoy the exhibition».


The Director General of the IIN, Víctor Giorgi, said that this exhibition «does not end in the mere contemplation of the productions, the idea is that the process of reflection on the rights of children in the Americas be continued by those who visit the exhibition.» «We want a living sample, that continues to produce new senses, triggering new forms of expression of the children’s gaze on their realities,» he said.


This space was propitious so that Alfonsina Domínguez, adolescent correspondent in Uruguay will present the First Proclamation of the CORIA Network, «They are not favors, but rights», a document that seeks to raise awareness and awareness of the adult world and institutions on the importance to listen, respect and take into account the voice of children and adolescents.


The Minister of Education and Culture of Uruguay, María Julia Muñoz, congratulated all the actors who participated in the project and invited those present to tour the Exhibition.


The exhibition will be open to the public until the end of August at the MAPI headquarters, 25 de Mayo Street 279 between Colón and Pérez Castellano Streets, Ciudad Vieja de Montevideo, Uruguay.