Dialogue for the rights of children with adult referents deprived of liberty

Dialogue for the rights of children with adult referents deprived of liberty

As part of the launch of the “Protection, promotion and fulfillment of the rights of children and adolescents with incarcerated adult caregivers” course in english language of the Inter-American Training Program, the Inter-American Children´s Institute (IIN) invites a discussion on the rights of children and adolescents with relevant adults deprived of liberty.

The webinar, as well as the course, is aimed at state and civil society operators across the systems for the protection, promotion and fulfillment of rights, the penitentiary system, the judiciary and other actors linked to the subject.

Children that have adult referents deprived of liberty require common and specific responses both at the normative and public policy level for the protection of their rights, which is why this meeting seeks to generate some reflections on the impact of deprivation of liberty of adult referents in the lives of children.

The objective of this instance is to visualize and prioritize the specific problems of children and adolescents with adult caregivers deprived of liberty in the region, and identify potential actions of different nature that promote and protect the rights of these children and adolescents.

DATE: September 6




  • Víctor Giorgi, Director General of the IIN-OAS.
  • Gonzalo Salles. Member of the Executive Secretariat of the NNAPEs Platform.


  • Vivienne Chin – Senior Associate of the International Center for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy in Vancouver, Canada which is part of the Program of Network Institutes of the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime.
  • Representative of SUSU Youth Fellow and Youth Action Council Alumni.
  • Ann Skelton, Professor UNESCO Chair: Education Law in Africa, Faculty of Law University of Pretoria and member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

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