Designation of June 9 as «Americas Children and Youth Day»

Designation of June 9 as “Americas Children and Youth Day»


In the frame of the festivities of the 90th Anniversary of the Inter American Children’s Institute and with the sponsorship of the Permanent Missions of Chile, Peru and Uruguay, the draft resolution to designate June 9th – date of the foundation of the Institute – as Americas Children and Youth Day was presented in the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States


The draft resolution was considered during the regular meeting of the Permanent Council of the OAS on Wednesday May 10, trough document CP/doc.5299/17.


During the meeting, delegations from Costa Rica, Guyana, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Bolivia expressed their support for the work of the Institute and they mentioned the importance of making children and adolescents of the Americas visible by opening a space of reflection and dialogue with the children and adolescents not only in the level of the Directing Council of the Institute but also within the Permanent Council of the OAS


The draft resolution was approved by consensus as resolution CP/RES. 1081 (2113/17) and from June 9 2017, the Inter American System will celebrate the Americas Children and Youth Day


Particularly, we highlight resolutive 4 that instruct the IIN to make the necessary arrangements so that, during its consideration of the topic, the Permanent Council can receive the voices and views of youth organizations, whether remotely or in person, as circumstances permit


We greet you convinced that the sum of efforts of the Institute’s team, the support of our strategic partners and the commitment of the represented States in the Directing Council make possible that every day we can give strong steps to bring more rights to more children and adolescents in the region



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Make the Best Interest of the Child a Rule for Life

Inter American Children’s Institute, Montevideo May 11 2017