Tenth Anniversary of the Signing of the Inter-American Democratic Charter

Tenth Anniversary of the Signing of the Inter-American Democratic Charter


On 11 September 2001, during a special session of the General Assembly and by means of resolution AG/RES. 1 (XXVIII-E/01), the Inter-American Democratic Charter (IDC) was adopted in Lima, Peru, this reaffirmed two essential aspects of the strengthening of democracy in the Americas: the participatory nature of democracy in the member states, which contributes to the consolidation of democratic values and of freedom and solidarity in the Hemisphere, and the promotion and protection of human rights as a basic requirement for the existence of a democratic society, in the acknowledgement of the importance of the continuing development and strengthening of the Inter-American human rights system in the consolidation of democracy.


It was thanks to the adoption of each of the articles which compose the IDC that it is now possible to state that the Charter is a programme which is common to all of our nations, in the words of the Secretary General of the OAS in his speech at the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the IDC (Valparaíso, 3 September 2011).


Ten years after the adoption of the IDC by the member states, it is now possible to take stock in order to recognize the efforts which have been made regionally and in each State in order to consolidate electoral procedures, transparency and the management of governments, strengthening the joint action of other State powers, social protection, the improved administration of justice, gender equality, non-discrimination, citizen participation and, in particular, the promotion of human rights.


The IIN joins in the justifiable celebration of these first ten years of the common democratic programme for the Americas, reaffirming our commitment with regard to the promotion and protection of the rights of the youngest citizens of the Americas; the children. It is by increasing the enjoyment of child rights that the seed of democratic practice is sown, promoting and protecting the right of every person who is born in the Americas to an identity, to participate in decision-making processes, to family and community life, to be treated decently and without discrimination.


In the words of Secretary General José Miguel Insulza: It is in the positive transformation of people’s lives and in increased opportunities that democracy becomes meaningful and relevant and that citizenship becomes a reality rather than an ideal for the citizens of the Americas.


See the Secretary Generals speech