IIN presents Bulletin IINfancia N°11 

IIN presents Bulletin IINfancia N°11 

The Inter-american Children’s Institute presents a new edition of the IINfancia Bulletin, a collaborative space in which technicians and professionals from different areas and regions of America provide their knowledge and reflections in an editorial space whose main focal point is the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents. 

The publication addresses topics such as: Childhood in the digital environment; Globalization, Rights and Education; Mental Health in Early Childhood; the role of Child Development Centres; Congenital disabilities in children, among other topics of vital attention in the region.

“We hope that this publication will provide a modest contribution to reflection, analysis and much-needed thinking at these critical times when reality challenges us to the extreme and demand from all of us commitment and clarity to move towards a horizon of equity and social integration in which the dignity of children and adolescents is fully respected.”

Víctor Giorgi, IIN-OAS Director General 

Bulletin available here