IIN-OAS statement on earthquake in Haiti

IIN-OAS statement on earthquake in Haiti

The IIN-OAS salutes and expresses its solidarity with the people and families that have been affected by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

We welcome the efforts being made by the government to provide support to the population, especially families who have lost their homes and assets, as well as its quick action to prevent further loss of human life.

In this situation, the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents take on the most significant relevance. Evacuations and life in shelters put physical and psychological integrity and the exercise of children and adolescents’ rights at risk.

The painful lessons learned by the Haitian people after the 2010 earthquake teach us that children and adolescents’ voices are essential so that the exercise of the rights of children and adolescents is not interrupted. As long as they are recognized in their capacities, children and adolescents can contribute to managing and handling the emergency in many different ways.

Faced with the critical situation, the IIN-OAS reiterates its commitment and conviction that the rights of children and adolescents should be a priority when considering solutions to the challenges that these emergencies bring.

In this sense, we reiterate our commitment and solidarity with Haiti, especially with Haitian children and adolescents. We invite the international community and the entire region to join forces to support our brother country in this difficult situation.