Child and Adolescent Correspondents (CORIA)

Child and Adolescent Correspondents


Through traditional and alternative media, childrens and adolescents have demonstrated their ability to communicate and discuss publicly on issues related to their rights, aspirations and concerns.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes child and adolescent participation in Article 12 (right to express opinions on all matters affecting them and to be taken into account), Articles 13 (right to freedom of Expression), 15 (right to freedom of association) and 17 (right to access to adequate information).


The right to participation in children and adolescents requires the adult world and its institutions spaces and daily practices in all instances and levels. That is why the IIN-OAS, with the support of the Advisory Councils and organized groups of children and adolescents in the region, is creating the first Network of Child and Adolescent Correspondents (CORIA). Promoting and Protecting Rights».


To date, the CORIA Network has the enrollment of children and adolescents from the four regions of the Americas, who will receive during the IIN Anniversary month (June) a technical advice from the Institute regarding the writing and presentation of news with a rights approach, through a distance-learning workshop that will enable them in a friendly way in subjects such as: rights, participation and communication and information.