88th Anniversary of the Inter American Children´s Institute

88th Anniversary of the Inter American Children´s Institute


We kindly ask for your dissemination of this event, reason why we are sending the present communication. INFORMATIVE NOTE Last June 9, the 88th anniversary of the foundation of the Inter American Children´s Institute was commemorated. In the offices of the Institute a public event was carried out, it counted with the participation of Ambassadors and representatives of the States of the Inter American System; National authorities; representatives from international organizations and civil society organizations, as well as professionals that work for childhood issues.


In was the first public event of the current Director General Prof. Ví­ctor Giorgi, who after remembering the foundational process of the Institute (1919 – 1927) and its gradual incorporation to the Organization of American States (1949) pointed out. Many of those ideas presented in 1927 keep strikingly current despite the time passed and events as the approval of the CRC 25 years ago. In his speech the Director General emphasized the idea of the actual Secretary General Dr. Luis Almagro, in the necessity of a dynamic and efficient OAS, to be a real instrument to secure more rights for more and more people.


It was considered that the new strategic view of the OAS is based in 4 pillars, namely: Human Rights y Democracy not only as a way of government but as a way of life, Comprehensive Development emphasizing human development and Multidimensional Security understood as a guarantee of rights. In relation with these 4 pillars Ví­ctor Giorgi stated that the goal of this administration of the IIN in the coming 4 years will be strengthen its anchorage in the Inter American System of Human Rights, position itself as reference organization regionally for childhood and adolescence policies, crossing from this perspective the rest of the programs of the organization. The Director General ends appealing to the current social challenge in childhood issues: In 25 years of the Convention, the challenge is to go from recognizing the rights of the child to its complete exercise.


The event counted also with the reading of the messages from who President the Directing Council of the IIN, the president Dr. Zaira Navas from El Salvador, and the Vice-President Elizabeth Lewis from Saint Lucia, both highlighted the trajectory of the Institute and the articulator role and promoter of public policies in favor of childhood and adolescence of the region; as well as the speech from the representative of the office of the OAS in Uruguay Dr. Ricardo Domí­nguez; the representative of the Uruguayan Chancellery, Lic. Alejandra Acosta, Director of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; the President of the Uruguay Institute for Children and Adolescents (INAU) Lic. Marisa Linder; and the pleasant presence of the adolescents Sol Miranda and Martí­n Lacuna from the Consultative and Advisory Committee of the Directorate of the INAU, who besides, participated of the 2nd Pan American Participation Forum in 2014.


We also distinguish the reading of the message sent by the Secretary General of the OAS Dr. Luis Almagro who ratifies that Children issues and the rights of children constitute a priority of my action as Secretary General of the OAS.