Regional Meeting on Investment in Childhood and Adolescence

Regional Meeting on Investment in Childhood and Adolescence


Under the slogan «Investment: Our version Children with Voice», the IIN participates in this intergenerational Meeting that seeks children and adolescents from different countries to learn, enjoy and make visible their reflection on investment and public budgets for childhood and adolescence.


Through pedagogical practices, games, exchange of experiences between countries, among others activities, technicians and adolescents can give visibility to the subject and get to know the national and regional agenda on investment. During the Meeting there will be spaces for joint work between adults, children and adolescents, compulsory and optional activities, in which it will be proposed to build and define the planning and the general criteria of coexistence of the reunion.


The Regional Encounter on Investment in Childhood and Adolescence, organized by the National Association (Uruguay) of development-oriented NGOs (ANOG), Network of Children’s and Youth NGOs of Chile (ROIJ) and the Collective of Children and Adolescents Rights of Argentina, and it will be held in the city of Canelones in Uruguay from April 6 to 8.


Program Preliminary


See also: General comment No. 19 (2016) on public budgeting for the realization of children’s rights (art. 4)